Bob Hesketh

BOB HESKETH Bob Hesketh was one of Canada’s finest sports columnists and radio commentators, a joy to read and a pleasure to listen to. He wrote a sports column for John Bassett’s Telegram for a number of years, often using the pseudonym Hannibal Bodfish. His writing talent and humane approach to journalism earned him a … [Read More …]

Dick Beddoes

DICK BEDDOES An identification card was not necessary to recognize Dick Beddoes…..a hat would suffice. Dick, a flamboyant journalist and television performer, who always wore a hat, passed away August 24, 1991 at Toronto General Hospital of liver cancer. He was 66. A native of Sheep Tracks, Alberta, Dick attended the University of Alberta before … [Read More …]

Lou Marsh

LOU MARSH By the end of his career, from the late 1800s until the mid 1930s, former Toronto Star sports editor and columnist Lou Marsh had covered most of the major sports events in North America, and every Olympic Games. He was almost as well known in New York as in Toronto. Marsh refereed the … [Read More …]

Jacques Beauchamp

JACQUES BEAUCHAMP by George Gross Jacques Beauchamp, the late sports editor of Journal de Montreal, was not only an outstanding journalist, but a true sports fan. He loved horses and if he wasn’t at the track, he was at the old Montreal Forum, practising with the Montreal Canadiens. No kidding. It was a well known … [Read More …]

Ted Reeve

TED REEVE by George Gross Self-educated Ted Reeve, a.k.a. The Moaner, was a highly respected columnist in the Toronto Telegram and, later, the Toronto Sun. His specialty was topping his columns with comic doggerel, poking fun at athletes, coaches and owners. Tall and physically imposing he was, nonetheless a gentle and easy-going observer of the … [Read More …]

Bob Pennington

BOB PENNINGTON by George Gross We called him Penners, Ol’ Bob or My Dear Fellow, mainly because that’s what he called us. The late Bob Pennington was England’s gift to Canadian journalism. Not only to sports journalism, but journalism in general. He came to Canada in 1964 from the London Daily Express when John Bassett, … [Read More …]

Annis Stukus

ANNIS STUKUS by George Gross Annis Stukus, also known as the Loquacious Lithuanian, was one of the most popular players, executives and sports journalists in Canada. ‘Stuke’ passed away at age 91 in 2006 in Canmore, Alta, where he lived in retirement. The Toronto-born Canadian Sports Hall of Fame and Football Hall of Fame member … [Read More …]