2003 Peter Jones

by Steve McAlister

Reuters Chief photographer Peter Jones has been nominated twice for a National Newspaper Award and now his superlative technical skills, sense of anticipation and ‘eye’ for the ‘shot that tells the story’ have been recognized by Sports Media Canada with the 2003 Outstanding Sports Photography Award.

Peter Jones

Peter Jones

Peter was born in Moncton, New Brunswick. His interest in photography started early and no one who knew him as he grew up is surprised that he’s become one of Canada’s leading photographers.

Nor are those who know him today surprised to see a distinct flair for capturing the ‘off the wall’ shot. For example, his most recent National Newspaper nomination was for a picture of Prime Minister Chretien tumbling while playing basketball.

Peter’s talent became evident to Reuters when he began freelancing for them in 1986. In 1991 they decided they really wanted his services full time and took him on staff.

Peter continues to produce outstanding shots.

His interesting angle at the finish of Wando’s Queen’s Plate victory clearly illustrates the great horse’s superiority on the day.