2009 Jessilou Tongio & Tyler King

2009 Student Award Tyler King & Jessilou Tongio In 2009 two students receive a Bursary Award. Tyler King of Bath, Ontario, just graduated from Queen’s University will work on a Masters Degree at Syracuse U and Jesilour Tongio continues her Journalism studies at Ryerson. After graduating from Queen’s University, King already had a well-rounded resume. … [Read More …]

2008 Amit Shilton

Amit Shilton by Diana Zlomislic By the age of five, Amit Shilton had memorized the entire roster of the ‘92 Blue Jays. Shilton, 21, a native of North York, didn’t realize he could earn a living from one of his favourite pastimes until a high school teacher turned him on to the impact of writing. … [Read More …]

2007 Leila Boyadjian

LEILA BOYADJIAN by Diana Zlomislic The 2007 recipient of the 10th Student Award is Leila Boyadjian. She received the Award just before entering her fourth year at Ryerson University. Leila Boyadjian is an accomplished athlete with a passion for broadcast journalism and “talking sports.” Boyadjian began the pursuit of her dream of becoming a sports … [Read More …]

2006 Eric Koreen

ERIC KOREEN The 2006 recipient of Sports Media Canada’s student bursary is Eric Koreen of Ryerson University. As a teenager, Eric Koreen abandoned his dream of following in the footsteps of Carlos Delgado. “I was definitely second tier,” Koreen, 21, recalls of his days at bat. Instead, and with some hesitation, he followed in the … [Read More …]

2005 Rowan Anderson

ROWAN ANDERSON by Don Goodwin The 2005 Student Award recipient is Rowan Anderson of the University of Western Ontario. As a student at one of Canada’s premier schools for optometry, an important lesson Rowan Anderson learned is that hindsight is 20-20. In 2003, top marks earned Anderson, a native of Woodstock, N.B., an exclusive ticket … [Read More …]

2003 Adam Button

ADAM BUTTON by Don Goodwin Adam Button, a print journalism major in the Ryerson School of Journalism in Toronto, received the 2003 NIKE Bursary at the Sports Media Canada Achievement Awards presentation luncheon in the Imperial Room of the Royal York Hotel. Button impressed the selection committee with his well-rounded approach to sports journalism. Adam’s … [Read More …]

2002 Mike Koreen

MIKE KOREEN The 2002 NIKE Bursary was once again in the hands of a student at Ryerson School of Journalism, Mike Koreen, a 22-year-old native of Thornhill, Ontario. While still a student at Ryerson, had already experienced the ‘real world’ of sports journalism as a sports reporter for The Toronto Sun. Mike came to the … [Read More …]

2001 Melanie Campbell

MELANIE CAMPBELL by Don Goodwin The 2001 NIKE Bursary recipient was Melanie Campbell of Ottawa. Melanie had one year left in the journalism course at Carleton University in Ottawa. Interested in both written and electronic journalism, Melanie, while still a student, had work published on the web – contributing an article to the Synchro Canada … [Read More …]