2013 – Frank Selke, Jr.

He spent 21 glorious years with the Montreal Canadiens where his father, Frank Selke, managed one of the NHL’s all-time powerhouses, including five consecutive Stanley Cups from 1956 through ’60. Frank Selke Jr. became involved with broadcast media, initially as analyst with Hockey Night in Canada and eventually serving as the intermission host on Montreal … [Read More …]

2013 – Tom McKee

Tom McKee often reflected that he loved his profession so much he would have worked for free. Sportscaster Brian Williams says McKee had an amazing ability to put his audience at ease, that he was the consummate host and an excellent play-by-play man. “Tom McKee was one of the first generation of major TV sportscasters … [Read More …]

2013 – Alec Bollini

Veteran Canadian sports journalist Alec Bollini passed away late last year. Alec had been hospitalized briefly but had otherwise enjoyed good health. The longtime CBC Radio International broadcaster and Sports Media Canada board member was remembered for being an honourable gentleman who deeply cared for his profession, his tennis exploits and his dear wife, Judy. … [Read More …]

2012 – Randy Starkman

Rare is the moment when a collection of athletes, sports officials and journalists shed tears together. Then again, the man prompting that display of emotion en masse on a Saturday morning in London on the final weekend of the Summer Olympics, was a rare breed in today’s world of journalism that’s often cynical and now … [Read More …]

2012 – Gord Walker

Born in 1915 in Kincardine, Gord Walker. joined the “Toronto Globe” in 1930 (before it merged with the “Mail and Empire” to create the “Toronto Globe and Mail”) and began a long relationship with the paper, first as its baseball writer, then onto just about every other sport. His sportswriting career was punctuated by three … [Read More …]

2012 – Hal Walker

Hal Walker worked his way up from copy boy at the old Mail and Empire to sports reporter for The Globe and Mail. What a rollicking sports department that was: Hal, his brother Gord, Jim Coleman, Scott Young, Trent Frayne – fabled names in the annals of Canadian sports journalism and now all on the … [Read More …]

2011 – Stan Houston

Stan is considered the pioneer in the creation and growth of the Canadian sports and event marketing and communications business. He invented the ‘Scotch Cup’ which later became the Men’s World Curling Championships. It isn’t widely remembered that Stan was a working sportswriter before he went into the PR and Communications field. His first foray into … [Read More …]

2011 – Jack Matheson

Jack Matheson joined the Winnipeg Tribune in 1946 and became Sports Editor in 1959. He died earlier this year at 86. A colourful writer who, as a kid, would huddle around the radio listening to Hockey Night in Canada broadcasts – he’d listen to Foster Hewitt, then write the game story, at nine or 10 … [Read More …]