2000 Emmanuel Moutsatsos

EMMANUEL MOUTSATSOS by Don Goodwin The 2000 NIKE Bursary selection involved candidates from several parts of the country, adding complexity to the adjudication process for the selection committee. The 2000 recipient was from the journalism course at Grant MacEwan College in Edmonton, Alberta. The 2000 NIKE Bursary was presented to Emmanuel Moutsatos, who explained his … [Read More …]

1999 Christina Arandjelovic

CHRISTINA ARANDJELOVIC by Don Goodwin 1999 NIKE Bursary recipient, Christina Arendjelovic, was in her final year in the print stream at the Ryerson School of Journalism in Toronto. Christina spent the summer of 1999 working in the Tennis Canada communications department, a busy and challenging on-the-job experience which she enjoyed as much as Tennis Canada … [Read More …]

1998 Peter McMahon

PETER MCMAHON by Don Goodwin Peter McMahon of Ryerson Polytechnic University was the 1998 (and first) recipient of the NIKE Bursary created in conjunction with Sports Media Canada to identify outstanding post-secondary students of sports journalism in Canada and to be presented annually as part of the Sports Media Canada Achievement Awards. Peter McMahon was … [Read More …]