2007 Leila Boyadjian

by Diana Zlomislic

The 2007 recipient of the 10th Student Award is Leila Boyadjian.

Leila Boyadjian

Leila Boyadjian

She received the Award just before entering her fourth year at Ryerson University. Leila Boyadjian is an accomplished athlete with a passion for broadcast journalism and “talking sports.”

Boyadjian began the pursuit of her dream of becoming a sports journalist in high school, when she started writing a column for the local newspaper in Kincardine, ON.

An accomplished figure skater, Boyadjian also devoted more than five years to the sport as an assistant coach. Her knowledge of sports, however, extends beyond triple Salchows and toe loops. She also breathes hockey, basketball and baseball.

While at Ryerson, the popular student was elected by her peers to represent female varsity athletes on the President’s Advisory Council for Sports and Recreation.

Determined to hone her on-air camera skills, she went to Alberta for an internship in the sports department at CTV Lethbridge before completing her studies at Ryerson.

Upon graduation in the spring of 2008, Boyadjian vowed to move just about anywhere in the world to get her start as a full-time, on-air sports broadcaster.