Canadian Sports Film Festival

The Canadian Sports Film Festival (in Toronto October 2nd and 3rd) fits closely to Sports Media Canada’s intrinsic belief that sport is a major element of every nation’s culture. The Sports Film Festival’s stated mission is “to offer filmmakers an opportunity to explore the connections between sport and society. Such a festival will provide a unique venue for Canadian examinations of these themes, while at the same time creating a forum for artists, academics, and activists to exchange ideas. The proceeds from this not-for-profit venture will be put towards hosting filmmakers from throughout the developing world and also ensuring that the festival’s films receive the widest possible audience.”
The festival, not yet widely known in Canada, Sports-Film-Festivalis the brainchild of Russell Field, who is also an assistant professor at the University of Manitoba. Russell has a Ph.D. in the socio-cultural study of sport and physical activity. His work has been published in both magazines and academic journals.
In a sweeping statement the Canadian Sports Film Festival’s ‘vision’ is defined as “a not-for-profit organization that explores the ways in which sport, physical activity, recreation, dance, and play provide meaningful experiences in the lives of people around the world. These practices—broadly defined here as “sport”—are often used as agents in social change and the organization will shed light on the ways in which these practices both reflect and shape diverse cultures. This fuller understanding of the centrality of sport to everyday lives encourages a greater appreciation of our global communities.”
Founder Russell Field can be contacted by email: