PinoBlog – OK here we go!

by Dan Pino, Director, Media and Public Relations, Golf Canada

Countdown to the 2010 RBC Canadian Open is less than two days as I type this out and it’s shaping up to be the most interesting Canadian Open I’ve had a chance to experience.

More on the unique event logistics in future posts but a quick finger count reminds me that this year’s event will be my 10th Canadian Open – no time to reflect on how fast time flies until after the final drops on Sunday, July 25th.

Of all the planning and prep that typically goes into the media centre operation of the RBC Canadian Open, this year brings with it a bit of a new twist – I’m blogging. Not for Golf Canada mind you, which makes almost too much sense now that this blog ball is rolling, but instead for the media-savvy folks who follow the Sport Media Canada website.

Here’s the background – I attended the most recent Sport Media Canada meeting to talk about the awards luncheon later this year. One of the topics that came up for discussion was the idea of adding informed content to the SMC website.

John Iaboni and the edifying ‘BoniBlog’ has been a highlight of the site for the past few months and Don Goodwin talked about the opportunity to add background information on major events and how additional blogs would add even more to the site.

While he was speaking to the entire group circled around the table, I could feel myself lining up directly in the crosshairs of what he had in mind. It was an unspoken nudge, nudge, wink, wink, ‘hey Dan, I see you down at the other end of the table and I know the Canadian Open is in two weeks so I’m looking at you’ sort of moment.

Our chat afterwards was not so much a ‘….wouldn’t it be great if you could…’ conversation as it was a “….when might I expect your first submission….” type of chat. The Don need not ask twice and before I could say ‘count me in’, he was lining me up for a photo headshot.

So here I am, blogging from the fabulous St. George’s Golf and Country Club. Over the next 10 days or so I’ll be tapping out my thoughts from the onsite media centre about everything from credentials, the logistics of our curling rink converted press room, media parking, catering and the rest of the annual ‘checklist’ we go through to help support the media relations aspect of the RBC Canadian Open.

From a planning and logistics perspective, lots to talk about and hopefully I can shine some light on the media relations side of professional golf.