SMC Entries Represent us well in Croquet Golf

From former broadcast sports journalist Alec Bollini.
The recent Canadian Golf Croquet championships concluded with with Croquet Canada president Patrick Little emerging as 2011 champion.

Winner - Patrick Little

Your humbled reporter (Alec Bollini) squeezed past one competitor to finish second to last. The news was much better for Sports Media Canada’s Dianne Leggatt competing in the doubles event. Her second place finish with partner Frances Mete restored some luster to Sports Media Canada.
Golf croquet is considered the easiest of the three major croquet styles, the other two being the British and American games. Winston Churchill once said “Britain and the United States are two great nations divided by a common language.” Averell Harriman, the U.S.statesman had this to say: “The British form of croquet is better than ours… more sportsmanlike. Ours is a strategic game and far more emotional. They wouldn’t think of doing as some of our former leaders had done — the late Alexander Woollcott had his court beside a lake and thought nothing of knocking a guest`s ball in the water. This sometimes caused trouble.”

Dianne Leggatt

Or as a British magazine pointed out in 1898…  “as each player goes through the first hoop he undergoes a metamorphosis… the male antagonist becomes a creature too vile for language, and the decency of womanhood has disappeared by the third hoop.”