International Sports Journalists Day

On July second, we celebrate International Sports Journalists Day. The following is a message from AIPS President Gianni Merlo.

“The International Sports Press Association (AIPS) was founded 87 years ago because some enlightened colleagues saw the need to unite to defend the principles of the sports media that at the time, still did not have a true identity. It is our duty to continue the work that they started, especially now that our profession is undergoing a real revolution. The advent of the Internet does not mean more freedom unless we find the way to use this new communication tool correctly. We need to invest in culture to better exploit the opportunities the new technologies allow us.

We must fight against manipulation and defend our right of expression, because our freedom of thought and criticism can help sport to grow and, with it, the young people of the world to develop.

Ours is a social commitment. At the moment, our colleagues in Nepal have been targeted by the authorities and it is our duty to defend their independence. In other countries, working conditions are worsening and we must intervene to stem dangerous interference in the freedom of expression. In autumn, we’ll try to bring the colleagues of Israel and Palestine closer, because channels of dialogue have to be re-opened. We talk the same language in sport and so we can forge an opening in communication.

Our commitment must be total and unified.

I extend to you all my best wishes for July 2 and wish you well in your professional endeavours.”