2005 Gordon Craig

Gordon Craig by Rick Brace In the mid-1950s, the idea of a 24-hour television network dedicated solely to sports was unimaginable. Even the iconic Hockey Night in Canada was joined in the middle of the second period of the game being covered. As a teenager from Pilot Mound, Manitoba, Gordon Craig’s biggest concern was getting … [Read More …]

2003 Ted Reynolds

Ted Reynolds by Fred Walker It all began innocently enough with advice from his mother. “Get a job where you have to talk”, she said. And Ted Reynolds talked his way to becoming one of the country’s most recognized names in sports broadcasting. That advice kick-started a career that would last 45 years. However, before … [Read More …]

2002 Don Wittman

DON WITTMAN, CBC Winnipeg It is because of his outstanding work at the 2001 championships in Edmonton that Don is being recognized for Outstanding Sports Broadcasting this year. Over the course of a distinguished 40-year career, it’s hard to recall a sport that Don Wittman hasn’t covered. Most recently, at the 2002 Olympic Winter Games, … [Read More …]

2001 Ernie Afaganis

Ernie Afaganis Forty years ago, 28-year-old Ernie Afaganis joined CBC Sports in his home province. Born and educated through high school in Lethbridge, Alberta, Ernie took a B.A. at Eastern Washington University but returned from the U.S.A. to begin his broadcasting career at station CFRN in Edmonton in 1953. Eight years later he moved to … [Read More …]

2001 Jim Hunt

Jim Hunt The sports department often has been described as the newspaper’s toy department. And Jim (Shaky) Hunt has no problem being described as one big kid. The Sarnia native, who turns 75 in November of 2001, has spent a lifetime writing and commentating on the wonderful world of fun and games. He would have … [Read More …]

2000 – Bill Stephenson

by George Gross They call him “Golden Tonsils” — with justification. Bill Stephenson, the veteran sports broadcaster with CFRB Toronto, has the most wonderful baritone voice which helped him in delivering play by play broadcasts, daily sportscasts, commercials and mobile broadcasts on radio and TV for more than five decades. This youthful septugenarian is a … [Read More …]

2000 Jim Taylor

Jim Taylor by George Gross Jim Taylor is a true professional, humourous, yet extremely knowledgeable and definitely on the list of Canada’s most prominent sports journalists. The following is mostly in his own words. He began his newspaper career in Victoria, B.C., in 1954 at the Daily Colonist, as a part-time sport reporter. He was … [Read More …]

2000 Richard Garneau

Richard Garneau by Pierre Trudel A lot of talent in one man. In all aspects of life, the greatest men are the simplest. Richard Garneau is one of these men. The simplest men are usually the nicest and Richard Garneau is just that. I doesn’t do justice to his long and successful career to mention … [Read More …]