2012 – Gord Walker

Gord Walker

Born in 1915 in Kincardine, Gord Walker. joined the “Toronto Globe” in 1930 (before it merged with the “Mail and Empire” to create the “Toronto Globe and Mail”) and began a long relationship with the paper, first as its baseball writer, then onto just about every other sport.
His sportswriting career was punctuated by three separate episodes. The first was a two-year stint in the Navy as a Lieutenant, begun nearing the end of World War II in 1943. Later, he was business Manager of the Toronto Maple Leafs of baseball’s International League — in 1950-51 — then back to his first love, the sports writing business.
Along the way Gord was the first president of the Football Reporters of Canada in 1958, and its secretary-treasurer for seven years after that.
Football was always prominent in his sports journalism career and he joined the CFL as Director of Information in 1973 working for one of the icons of the game, Jake Gaudaur, whom he’d covered as player, coach, team president and League president. Gord retired from the league in 1982.
He died in 1988 at the age of 72.”